Treatment Sessions

Sessions are designed to address individual needs. Our energy healing work integrates Reiki, crystals, shamanic journeying, breathwork, sound, and guided meditation. These methods all facilitate energy movement and enhance the healing process.

In the initial 90 minute consultation, we will discuss your issues and questions for a portion of the time, then move into the work itself. After removing shoes, glasses and jewelry, you will lie fully clothed on a comfortable bodywork table with soft lighting quiet music playing in the background. This is a safe, nurturing environment for bringing the self back into balance. You may expect to leave your session feeling more peaceful or energized according to your needs.


  • promotes deep relaxation
  • releases energy blockages
  • enhances the healing process
  • balances body, mind and spirit
  • increases spiritual awareness
  • clears old issues and patterns

Scheduling & Rates

Appointments may be scheduled by phone or by email.  Fees for healing sessions range from $75 to $150, depending upon type of service.  For astrological counseling rates vary from $100 to $140.  Cash, check and PayPal are accepted for payment.