Akamai Full Spectrum Energy

AKAMAI (meaning wise or smart in Hawaiian) FSE is an energy healing practice that gives the holistic practitioner additional healing capabilities beyond those available with Reiki alone. It is geared toward Reiki Level II and III Practitioners who have been practicing for at least six months. Those working with other energetic healing practices may also be interested.

AKAMAI is a channeled energy modality received by Paul in deep meditation after he became a Reiki Master in 1996. It utilizes the full range of healing Ki, along with techniques to bring in energy through multiple chakras and transmit selected, focused energies through the hands. These energies work very quickly and effectively to remove blocks and reduce pain and emotional distress.

During a healing retreat in Hawaii in 2001, Paul received additional information that helped him design a course to teach and transmit these energies to other practitioners. He has been sharing the practice with others since July 2002.

There are two levels of AKAMAI FSE – Basic I and Advanced IIA. Level IIA AKAMAI practitioners are eligible to become Instructors; further information is given in the Advanced course. A minimum of 3 months between the levels is recommended in order to become proficient in working with the energies.

In the AKAMAI Basic I course, students learn the origins of AKAMAI Full Spectrum Energy Healing and are attuned through a series of powerful, guided meditations. There is ample time for discussion and practice of the healing techniques. A comprehensive manual and Basic Level certificate of completion are given.

In the Advanced Level II, students receive further attunement, take part in a powerful karmic release exercise and learn to work with planetary energies for healing and self-growth. Additional healing techniques are demonstrated and practiced. Certificates and reference manuals are provided.

Current AKAMAI course dates and locations are listed below. For more information regarding classes or to schedule an AKAMAI healing session, please email Paul at paul@akamai-fse.com or call 978-500-6828.