Astrological Counseling

Marcia’s astrological sessions are enriched by her 25 years of astrological study and experience as well as her background in counseling. The natal or birth chart is a blueprint of your life’s potential at the moment of your birth. A consultation addresses the strengths and challenges of this blueprint and offers new perspectives on your life path. We explore issues such as karma, career, relocation, and relationships, noting how the movement of the planets through your chart may affect future events. Since we all have the ability to choose freely, these lessons maybe experienced in various ways.

Astrology is another method for balancing your energies and living in wholeness. An in-depth look at your chart will cast a new light on your life choices and help you release old emotional/behavioral patterns so that you may begin living a more connected, fulfilled life.

Please have your correct birth information (date, time and place) ready when calling to schedule an appointment.

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